From Crisis to Calling:
Finding Your Moral Center in the Toughest Decisions

As a young aid worker, Sasha Chanoff was sent to evacuate a group of refugees from the violence-torn Congo. But when he arrived he discovered a second group. Evacuating them too could endanger the entire mission. But leaving them behind would mean their certain death. 

All leaders face defining moments, crises that reveal their true character. Here, Sasha and his father, David, expand on Sasha's defining moment, recounted in the video An Impossible Choice. Why is moral courage the essential factor at such times? How do we access our own rock-bottom values, and how can we take advantage of them to make the best decisions? 

From Crisis to Calling goes on to tell the stories of eight other leaders -- from business, government, the military, and nonprofits -- who stayed true to their own moral values in the face of enormous pressure. The book reveals five principles for confronting crucial decisions and inspires all of us to use our moral core as a lodestar for our actions and leadership. These stories illustrate the power and fulfillment that come from investing your work and life with compassion, empathy, and an awareness of others.

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